Organizational Development seeks to improve organizational health. It is a technique used at various levels of the organization to bring to life change for the entire organization. McKinsey & Company define organizational health as the organization’s ability to align around a common vision, execute against that vision effectively, and renew itself through innovation and creative thinking.

Ultimately, working on your organizational health leads to enhanced performance and sustainability. Using brainsnippet as your partner for organizational development can mean working on change of attitudes, behaviours, values, strategies, processes, practices and structures. Our clients value our support for example with:
  • Review or design of the organizations vision and mission statements
  • Analysing current ways of working per department and creating standards and new ways of working for the future
  • Reboot or design of leadership competencies in the organization
  • Establishing a succession planning model to ensure competitiveness
  • Design of a new department, focussing on company, product or process innovation
  • Driving of an authentic company culture
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